What model desk phone do I have?

There are four different model desk phones which we have deployed:

A new notes about the phones:
  • We typically use either VVX-411 or VVX-250 for wall-mounted phones, because they are smaller
  • The VVX-601 is the only phone which has a touchscreen display
  • In early 2020, we standardized on the VVX-250 and VVX-450 for all almost new deployment
  • Other than the 450 having more buttons and a slightly larger display, it is the same as the 250
  • All phones require power and can receive it either from the Ethernet cable or a separate power supply
  • All phones have an RJ9 port on the back for a headset.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is supported only on the VVX-250 and VVX-450 (although it also works on the VVX-601)