What is the Dialpad app?

The Dialpad app is supported on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as Mac and Windows desktops and laptops. The app has all of the features as a desk phone plus many more. With the app, you can:
  • Make and receive calls using your Dialpad phone numbers (call recepients will never see your personal phone number)
  • Send and receive text messages; listen to voicemail messages (including archived messages). There is no limit to the number of saved text and voicemail messages or the duration of time for which they are saved. You can literally save every message forever.
  • Transfer calls or initiate a 3-way call with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Integrate with the contact list in your Google Contacts
  • View call info and listen to voicemail messages from calls which were blocked or flagged as likely Spam calls
Click here to install the app on a desktop or laptop; to install on a mobile device, search for Dialpad in your device's App Store.

One warning about installing the Dialpad app on your smartphone - whenever you are on your phone (even if you make a normal call not using the app), Dialpad will know you are on the phone. So if you call your Dialpad phone number from your smartphone it will immediately ask you for your PIN to check your voicemail (it will not ring your desk phone). This can be confusing if you are ever making a call to test your number.