Sometimes people who call my Dialpad phone number end up leaving a voicemail in my personal voicemail box instead of my Dialpad voicemail box.

This happens when you have the Dialpad app installed on your smartphone and a call comes into your Dialpad number and while it is ringing, you tap the "Dismiss" or "Reject" button on your smartphone (on the iPhone, this looks like a red phone hangup icon). There are three ways to avoid this:
  • If you are in front of your desktop, laptop, or tablet which is also logged into the Dialpad app, tap/click the "Dismiss" button there (instead of one your smartphone).
  • Wait until call finishes ringing (default is 30 seconds, but you can adjust this in your profile settings); the call will automatically go to your Dialpad voicemail and not your personal voicemail.
  • Open the Dialpad app on your phone and at the top, you will see the name of the caller and below that it will say "Live Call". Tap the name (this will not answer the call) and then tap Hang Up.