How do I connect my phone to the Wi-Fi network?

The call quality over Wi-Fi will never be as good as with a wired Ethernet connection, but it is typically fairly good. Be aware that the call quality may be acceptable for a period of time (months or even years) and then one day it deteriorates without explanation. Here are some tips on troubleshooting Wi-Fi call quality issues.

If you ever see an icon of a yellow exclamation mark or red X in the upper right corner of the phone, most likely it is not connected to the Wi-Fi network. Assuming nothing changed on the Wi-Fi network, try removing the USB dongle from the phone, reconnecting it, and rebooting the phone. Some users have reported that they need to reboot their phones about once per month.

  • Insert the USB dongle.
  • Home > Network > Wi-Fi > Scan
  • Scroll up/down to select your network
  • Scroll down to password and tap the Edit soft key
  • Use the numerical keys on the phone to enter the Wi-Fi password. The second soft key from the left (below the display) is Backspace (you will probably need it). Each number is used to enter either the lowercase or uppercase letters on that number; the following keys include special characters:
    • 1: | ? > ! ; , $ ^
    • *: . @ & % [ _ ]
    • 0: + ' ~ ? " < >
    • #: - = { } ( )
  • Press the Save soft key and then press Connect
  • You should see messages that say Connecting and then Getting IP Address
  • I recommend you reboot the phone to verify it has saved the Wi-Fi configurations. Press Home, Settings, Reboot, OK.