How can I tell if my Chromebook is charging?

Here are some notes about the charging the Chromebooks.
  • There is a little light on the left side of the Chromebook (as you face the monitor) next to the USB-C port that will illuminate or flash orange/amber while the Chromebook is charging. When you connect the Chromebook to a charger, it might take up to 15 seconds before the light illuminates.
  • The orange/amber light will change to blue once the Chromebook battery is at least 95% charged.
  • The USB-C port on either side will charge the battery, but there is only one charging indicator light on the left side (as you face the monitor).
  • If you connect a charging cable to a Chromebook and you do not see the charging indicator light illuminate or begin flashing within 15 seconds, it may be that the Chromebook has failed or the charging cable or power supply has failed (or perhaps the power supply is not connected to a power source). If the power supply is connected to a power strip, make sure the power strip is turned on. Try connecting the Chromebook to at least one other power supply before determining that it is bad.
  • If a Chromebook will not charge, it must be returned for a replacement.