How can I learn more about Dialpad User Accounts?

Every Dialpad account is associated with an email address. We typically require that organizations use G-Suite domains (with a few exceptions) because this simplifies the logon process by not requiring the user remember a separate password. Here are some additional benefits and notes related to user accounts.
  • Each user will have a 10 digit DID (direct dial) phone number and optionally a five digit extension. You can have multiple desk phones associated with your account and by default all phones will ring whenever someone dials your 10 digit number or your extension.
  • Each user will be able to login to to configure their user profile settings. You must login and click Accept to the Terms and Conditions in order to activate your account.
  • Each user can make and receive calls using a the Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop at this site:
  • Each user can optionally install the app for desktops, smartphones, or tablets here: or by searching for Dialpad in your device's app store.
  • Each user can configure which number appears as the Caller ID number to external call recipients. It can be your personal DID number or the main number to your school, office, or parish.
  • Each user has an UberConference account to host conference calls with audio, video, chat, and screen sharing.
  • Anyone who has a user account can call Dialpad Support (24x7) at 844-636-4244 to answer questions or help resolve issues.
We created a 12 minute tutorial on using and configuring a Dialpad User Account: