Can I have a conference call with multiple people? Can we share video or someone's screen?

From any desk phone (User Phone or Room Phone) you can initiate or participate on a conference call with three people. If you have a Dialpad User Account then you also automatically have an account in UberConference (which is Dialpad's Audio/Video Conferencing Tool). By default, each user has the free version of UberConference which allows for a max of 25 users in a conference and conferences can last up to 45 minutes. Also, you will be allowed to share your desktop, but not video conferencing.

The paid version of UberConference allows up to 100 users per conference with no maximum duration. Also, each user will have their own dedicated 10 digit phone number for conferencing (no PIN required), and you can video conference as well.

To configure settings related to your UberConference account, login at, scroll to the very bottom and click Your UberConference Settings.

You do not need to do anything to schedule a conference - just tell all attendees to call into your conference phone number and enter the PIN (it is active 24x7). To make scheduling easier, you can optionally install the UberConference plugin for Google Calendar.

If you would like to upgrade your UberConference account, please email