Can I use a Group Paging or Intercom feature with Dialpad phones?

Yes! This feature was introduced in May of 2021. Here are some operations notes:
  • It is only supported on the Polycom VVX-250 and VVX-450 phones.
  • All phones in a page group must be in the same Dialpad office and on the same IP subnet
  • You can have multiple page groups in an office.
  • A phone must be a member of a page group in order to initiate a page to that group; all phones in the group can initiate a page (you cannot prevent certain phones from initiating a page).
  • To create a page group, send an email to or go to and tell them the name of the Page Group and also which user accounts and/or room phones will be in the page group.
  • Once enabled, you will see a softkey for Paging. Just press and hold the softkey to initiate a page.