Can I print from a Chromebook?

Most configurations on the Chromebooks are managed within the G-Suite domain of the user's account (which is controlled by each school). However, some configurations are managed within the G-Suite domain, for example the printer configurations.

Chromebooks communicate with printers using a different language than Windows or Mac computers; not every printer will support printing from Chromebooks. However, most printers manufactured in the past few years will support them. Configuring a printer isn't always a straight forward process and it typically involves some trial and error, so if you need to be able to print by a certain date, be sure to plan as much in advance as possible. Please send an email to with the following info and we will do everything we can to help you:
  1. The name you would like to assign the printer and optionally a description
  2. Manufacturer and model number
  3. IP address of the printer (e.g.
  4. If you know the protocol (IPP, IPPS, LPD, HTTP, etc.) supported by your printer
Make sure the Chromebook is on the same subnet as the printer. If the printer is on an internal network and the Chromebooks are on a guest network, they might not be able to print.