Can any user account login to the Chromebooks? I'm getting an error stating "You are not authorized to use this device...".

Prior to shipping the Chromebooks, we apply a restriction policy which allows any user account in or @<YourSchoolDomain>. Any user account which are not in either of those domains will be prevented with the message "You are not authorized...". If your school has multiple domains or changes your domain, please send an email to

Occasionally, Chromebooks are transferred between schools, and when this happens, the Chromebook(s) must be moved from the previous school's OU to the new school's OU in Google Admin and only someone from DeSales Media IT Department can make this change. If you recently received Chromebooks and you are not able to login with accounts in your school's domain, please send an email to; please include the serial number of at least one Chromebook experiencing the issue (the last six characters of the serial number will be sufficient).